"This is the food that changed my mind"

Introducing our new

Vegan Box

Made in Soho - delivered nationwide

An eight-course fully vegan box, prepared and packed weekly by Alexis and the chefs at Gauthier Soho.

Welcome to my Vegan Box delivery. The box contains some of my favourite family and restaurant dishes, ready prepared to be enjoyed 'en famille', 'en tête a tête' or on your own, designed to keep in the fridge three days or even frozen.

Each course serves about 4 adults so you might think that this is a lot of food, but I wanted you to have a wide patchwork of seasonal ingredients put together as a feast on a weekly basis.

Plate & finish yourself

Every recipe requires just a little work from you. Some of them just need to be plated, others need to be reheated in a pan or baked in oven. You will find the necessary steps in the box.

Remember, you do not need to be vegan to enjoy this plant-based feast.

Bon Appetit! XXX Alexis

Vegan Boxes and Vouchers Collection

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  • "It's delicious!"

    The Times

  • "A really lovely experience"

    Andrea and Richard Hearne, Esme and James Cushing

  • "It sincerely tasted like Michelin-starred Food at Home!"

    "Phenomenal value, I ordered it for my 50th birthday celebration with friends" - Will Rankin, Journalist @herbertedwards

  • "Amazing food and we loved the different flavours throughout the menu"

    "It was also nice to have the familiar looking menu - we pretended we were with you in Soho!"- Melissa Diosi

Harden's Award Winner - Best Vegan 2019
Michelin Star winner for 12 consecutive years
Peta Compassionate Chef Award
Masterchef Vegan Judge